These families are just like yours — with one important difference


Photographer and filmmaker Giles Duley talks about empathy in action.

When Giles Duley arrived in Lebanon to photograph Syrian refugees who’d fled there, he saw something that he wasn’t expecting. He saw himself.

Inside the makeshift city of cardboard and fabric, Duley met many individuals with whom he closely identified. As a triple amputee (Duley was on assignment in Afghanistan in 2011 when he was in a landmine explosion), he felt a close connection with those he met in Lebanon who were coping with disability, coupled with displacement from their homes.

“When I visit these camps, I don’t see refugees,” Duley said. “I see my sisters, my brothers, my nephews, my nieces, my friends — and I think to myself, ‘If the people I love lost everything, would somebody help them?’ These people are in desperate need and it feels like my duty to tell these stories. I just hope…

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