Barcelonas Floor : Sebastian Erras in collaboration with Pixartprinting


The City of Marvels is how writer Eduardo Mendoza called the coolest city of the Mediterranean in one of his novels.

The book is set at the turn of the 20th century, a time in which Barcelona boomed and became what it is today.

A time in which factories’ chimneys grew side by side with the Sagrada Familia’s towers.

That tumultuous era left its signature on thousands of floors in the city – one of its marvels. Pavements laid in churches, palaces and avenues form an amazing mosaic.

“These floors are addictive”, says José Jóvena, creator with Elisabet Martínez of Tile Addiction.

The two have uploaded hundreds of pictures of Barcelona’s floors on Instagram.

Recently, they discovered that a German photographer, Sebastian Erras, shared their passion for floors. Erras had done projects on Parisian floors and Venetian floors.

They thought he would go crazy with Barcelona’s floors and invited him to see them.


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