Iran Odyssey. Day 15: Tehran.


Dr Sophie Hay

IMG_6680 2

We had returned to the same hotel in Tehran and that familiarity of the surroundings seemed to underscore that the full circle of our trip had finally closed.

Our last morning started with a drive through Tehran to the Reza Abbasi Museum. Its rather unprepossessing facade betrayed nothing of the splendours within. Spread over its many floors were the most exquisite examples of archaeological objects, Persian manuscripts, and ceramics. A true treasure trove.

In the dim light of the top floor, my eye was continually caught by the glint of gold in the display cases. Spotlights shone on treasures from 7th century BC Median culture, through the Achaemenid Empire and up until the Sassanian period in the 6th/7th centuries AD. The craftsmanship spanning these centuries was ridiculously impressive and though I’m not usually one for shiny bling I was like a magpie darting from one case to another; eyes feasting…

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